Your First Visit

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Your first visit in our office will take between 45 minutes and 60 minutes depending on the severity of your issues and your questions. You will never be rushed in our office.


After the initial health history forms are filled out you will be brought into a room where a computerized foot/gait scan will be performed to look for any instability that may be affecting your feet, knees, and body. A computerized scan of your spine will occur which will help us locate muscle tension and spasms as well as assess your nervous system. A careful and detailed review of your health history form will occur with the doctor and a review of your goals (some people just want to get out of pain, some want lifestyle modifications, some want to fix the issue and continue with care for prevention).

Customized Care Plan

From there a customized examination will be performed which can include; range of motion, orthopedic and neurological tests, palpation and examination of your spine and body. Once the Doctor has performed all of these tests, he will discuss the findings and provide you with treatment.

If necessary the doctor may send you for x-rays to better visualize your areas of concern. In that case, on your follow up visit, provided we have received your x-rays, you will receive a 20 minute report of findings. These will include a review of all the examination finding from the initial visit, review of your x-rays and a treatment care plan that is specific to your goals. You will have a discussion about how much the care is estimated to cost, how long the treatment is estimated to be and what you can do at home to assist with your recovery.

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