Shoulder Pain

If you suffer from shoulder tightness or muscle strain chances are it may be related to the neck and mid back. You can find shoulder-pain relief through chiropractic and massage therapy. Researchers at Auburn Hospital and Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Sydney, Australia, found that soft-tissue massage improved range of motion, reduced pain and improved function in people with shoulder pain.

“Massage therapy can improve posture by helping to balance muscle tone, thereby reducing pain patterns,” explained Elaine Calenda, academic dean of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, Colorado. “Further, by increasing neck and shoulder range of motion, massage helps prevent future strain.” To find a massage therapist trained in basic Swedish massage, which involves long, gentle strokes and kneading, use the locater service on the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals or the American Massage Therapy Association website.

Researchers in the Netherlands have found that a technique used by chiropractors to adjust the shoulder girdle speeds recovery in patients with shoulder pain. The inquiry looked at 150 patients with pain and dysfunction in the shoulder girdle. All patients went under standard medical care from their general practitioners. In addition, an experimental cohort underwent manipulative therapy consisting of up to six sessions over 12 weeks. After one year, 43% of those who received manipulative therapy continued to enjoy a full recovery compared with a 21% of control participants.

Chiropractic Mitigates Shoulder Injury

A new analysis followed four patients with a common shoulder condition called shoulder impingement syndrome being cared for by a doctor of chiropractic. The study’s authors write that at one month follow up, all patients continued to be symptom free with full range of motion and complete return to normal activities.