Knee Pain

Foot, knee and hip pain is a common occurrence about adults. Your feet are the foundation of your entire body and they are under a enormous amount of pressure everyday; a slight imbalance can cause a great deal of discomfort and pain.

When the alignment of your knee is out ligaments and tendons can stretch and an become overused. Normal everyday walking you could be creating an “overuse” injury without you even knowing it; bone and cartilage can rub up against each other creating a dull achy pain and can lead to arthritis. Think of you foot/ankle as the alignment on your car. It may only be off 2-3 degrees, but after 2-3 years your tires are unevenly worn….the alignment needs to be corrected.

Symptoms of knee pain that can be corrected with an orthotic

Generally the knee pain will be dull but somehat constant. Pain may occur with going up or down stairs or any type of jumping motion. You knee can click or feel like it is going to give way. You may also have difficulty getting up after kneeling for a few minutes.

Treatment with Orthotics

Orthotics can be a very effective treatment in eliminating knee pain.

Orthotics work to change the force distribution through your ankle and foot, which will ease the pressure on your knee. Orthotics will also help knee pain by cushioning the force through your ankle and foot, and this has the same result of cushioning the force on the knee. Orthotics can also help change the alignment of your foot, ankle, and knee allowing the proper biomechanics to occur. This will reduce over-use injuries. Stretching and strengthening are very important to support correct motion of the quadriceps, hamstrings, patella and other important knee and foot structures.